Are all political systems totalitarianism?

Reaction to an entry in the comment section at the “Bionic Mosquito” blog:

A libertarian, though, by generally accepted definition is one who adheres to the non-aggression principle. This means we all have a right to life, liberty and property unconditionally free of aggression from others. This is the complete opposite of totalitarianism, unless you want to finish gutting the word of any real meaning. I guess you could say that one should have totalitarian rule over one’s own life, liberty, and property.

As to an airplane owner having a right to eject a stowaway kid in the airplane in the air, that is an extreme example, and is arguably a right of the owner, but sounds more like what a totalitarian would do. But it appears that a completely libertarian society (anarcho-capitalist), would be the optimal one to reduce such incidents.

Consider: “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” – Ecclesiastes 8:11

With such an immediate possibility of a stowaway becoming an throwaway, I suspect there would be a drastic drop in stowaway incidents.

The empirical real-world effect of “castle doctrine” legislation might help understand why a libertarian society would be the optimum to reduce “stowaway throwaways”. (Consider the serial crimes of Slick Willie in a regime ruled by a “democratic” government, for example).

In Honduras the gangs got so brutal with home invasions for awhile, doing things that would never make it even in the most violent brutal images of the worst out of Hollywood, so outrageous that those reading this will not conceive of them, that they passed a law to protect residents, a post-facto declaration of innocence.

If somebody came into your property, forget about having to prove anything, he came into the property at his own risk. You could shoot him dead and there would be no arrest, interrogation, or anything else. “I shot him dead because he came into my property”. “No problem, case closed”.

I haven’t seen the numbers but home invasions surely decreased afterward, like they did in the town in Georgia that required every home to have a firearm.

But kids getting killed for fetching their soccer ball from a neighbor’s yard. Never heard of such a case.


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