Conspiracy list admitted by Mockingbird Oligarch Press

Conspiracies list (and these are only the ones where the Mockingbird Press cooperated with government in conspiracies that were exposed by conspiracy theorists and only later to admitted to by the Press) –Just a few that came to me in five minutes

I listed some “conspiracy theories” already that your trusted Big Corporate media cabal had to admit later were lies, like LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin, the first Bush’s Kuwait lie about the babies in incubators, Bush’s Iraq WMDs.

MK Ultra

CIA’s LSD experiments on the unwitting

Memphis syphilis experiments (several black patients stealthily injected with it to study the effects)


Whistleblowers at NOAA weather studies

DNC-Clinton campaign conspiracy against Sanders


Fast and Furious

Mossadegh and Iran’s Shah coup

Soros color revolutions (with US Gov and WH coordination) in Georgia (Asia) and Ukraine

The vast illegal and unconstitutional spying by NSA on you, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your Grandma, and everybody else. — as exposed by Edward Snowden who deserves the highest honors in the land The other whistleblowers from the NSA, some still incarcerated..

Pentagon Papers

Watergate Hillary Clinton speeches to Wall Street bankers

IRS slow-walking conservative status petitions, as admitted by Lois Lerner CIA spying on Congress


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