Tea Party protests were peaceful, the Soros operation is rioting and mayhem

Politico uses Farcebook for comments, so my reaction to their article goes here.

I stopped reading when I got to the paragraph where politico tried to make it sound like the Tea Party protests were like this, and the anti-Obamacare protests.

What a big fat lie! There were no Tea Partiers, as big as they were, beating up on Dems. And nobody yelled racial epithets at John Lewis, stop recycling the lies already!

Now we have riots by apparently paid agents provocateurs burning buildings in Berkeley, attacking people who came to listen to somebody, shutting down speakers and even demanding an end to free speech protections!

We have Milo having to be hustled out of a conference with a mob bursting into the first floor of the building and the police backing off instead of calling for backup.

We now know there were PAID THUGS that attacked the audience at a Trump rally in Chicago, in an operation that the instigator was caught on video saying was an operation meant to incite riot.

So NO EQUIVALENCE there, politico. NONE.


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