Jorge Ramos: What about Milo’s and Ann Coulter’s “right to speak freely”?

Mr Ramos supposedly appreciates the opportunities he has had here to excel as a journalist without the threat of cartels and censorship:

I’ve always publicly acknowledged that the United States gave me opportunities that Mexico, my country of origin, did not. But decades after I arrived here, the anti-immigrant rhetoric being turned into policy under Donald Trump has made me realize that I just don’t recognize this country anymore.

Later in this story he repeats the lie that was told in the Seattle court that stopped the temporary and partial ban on arrivals from a list of seven countries that was compiled by the Obama administration. The lie being that nobody from these countries has perpetrated a “recent” attack in the U.S.A. and the order is therefore “irrational”. Based on “rational”, none of Obama’s orders or orchestrated legislation could have passed muster.

A third of Latins voted for Trump. Jorge Ramos should at least try to find out why instead of accusing NON-Latins of racism or whatever the idea is.

What is bizzare, Mr. Ramos, is that from your very nice home in Miami that you admit would not be possible in Mexico, you feel insulated from the daily problems of your fellow Latins –and WHITE POOR– face in their lives.

They have seen so much activism and unceasing lectures and insulting sermons preached at them about what America is, as if it has nothing to do with the land and culture that they see slipping away.

You only have Mexico to compare to. Where did your opportunities come from? The same kind of policies you now demand from the US that you suffered in Mexico with its socialistic and as you admit endemic corruption. And on top of that you demand that the people that did accept you as a guest, give up the same kind of immigration policies you never attack Mexico for?

I know personally several Central Americans who have been abused by Mexican police, there are reports of constant beatings on Central Americans, even Mayan Indians from southern Mexico. You know you have a large audience of Mexicans here and Mexicans there that listen to you, so why don’t you preach to them, since you don’t appreciate middle Americans from the Ozarks and the western plains?

If you REALLY knew America and tried to understand them, you might speak differently instead of such outrage. You have provoked so much rage IN MY OWN HOUSEHOLD about Trump that YOU are the divisive one, YOU are the one that spouts hate, YOU are the one who is responsible in part for the bottles and rocks that some of YOUR fellow compatriots have hurled at Americans, IN THEIR OWN LAND.

What is bizarre is that a guy with so much brains can just abuse those brains instead of THINKING and thinking fairly!

I BLAME YOU! Go and learn what that meaneth: “You guys still don’t understand why Trump got elected”.

Here’s a hint: It was NOT racism!


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  1. trutherator Says:

    I could add, what about the right of college kids to hear from conservative and libertarian professors, now blacklisted?

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