Does Toure live in a high-crime black (or white) neighborhood?

MSNBC contributor Toure “said black on crime is not the biggest issue for black Americans at this time”:

(Does Mr. Toure live in a high-crime black-majority neighborhood?)

The black on black crime issue is very important, but the WAR ON DRUGS is a catastrophe for all colors. The “illegality” markup incentivizes the worst elements to push the stuff. It also incentivizes big budget heavy-handed policing that creates even more innocent victims in their mistakes (good enough for government work, nobody gets fired).

“Inequality” is a hoax as an issue, no socialist president ever lived materially equally with his poor victims. It’s a perfect issue for tyrants, because they never will eradicate “inequality”. Not even if they replace the entire poor population and middle class with robots.

The public schools ARE maybe the most important issue. It’s time to get ALL governments OUT of our children’s lives. Give control back to the parents as a first step with TAX CREDITS.

Charter schools no, because even if you get teachers’ unions out of the way, the government money gives too much power to political whims. Vouchers have the same problem. Obama killed the voucher program in D. C.

Tax credits are a better first step because it does two things: It incentivizes remunerated employment, and hands the decision to the parents. Some of them will just default to something like government school but many of them care about their children enough to try to get the children into good schools.


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