Planned Parenthood is really Planned Barrenhood

In as story about SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch, Yahoo again confirmed its status as a member of the Oligarchy Media.

They all repeat this lying phrase about “reproductive rights” when there is nothing “reproductive” about what they really mean. They’re pushing the killing of a mother’s baby in the womb as if it were a “right” to do this.

They proved their complicity in this thought crime mentality by giving the Flaming Liberals Vulgarity march in Washington on January 21, 2017. By billing it a “women’s” march, they got a lot of women to come to hear big stars spew profanities.

When they say “reproductive rights”, think “prenatal infanticide”. Planned Parenthood is NOT known for health care, they’ll only do referrals for that, but their big business is aborting babies and disposing of them. James O’Keefe’s group has caught them on camera bragging about their ability to deliver BABY PARTS on demand.

Repeat after me: Planned Barrenhood.


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