Anti-Trumpsters are the elites rising up against the masses

Where were those tears and that outrage for the Christians that Obama banned from entering with a half-dozen exceptions? They are absolutely without question the persecuted class in Obama’s list of seven countries.

Where are there tears for victims of political violence. Every time a monster commits an outrage in the name of Allah, they rush to demand protection for Muslims, as if Americans wanted to kill them all.

This “Resistance” is exactly what James Traub called for in the ruling class magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Policy. He said the “elites should rise up against the masses”.

That’s exactly it, Soros funded agents are acting up, and agitating indoctrinated college kids (a lot us were that once), and handing off the spin to Mockingbird Media to try to make it appear to be a spontaneous uprising.

It is exactly the Maidan hoax. That’s when shooters fired into a demonstration against the “democratically elected” president who refused to bow to pressures to join the EU and NATO. A conversation between Nuland and the USA Ambassador was leaked, with them discussing who the replacement would be after they overthrew the government. A West-sponsored coup d’etat.

These same actors are good actors. Not so long ago they were marching against a military academy that trained Latin American officers. Now, they’re helping the rich, abusive, powerful billionaire “elites” to “rise up against the masses”.


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