Nikki Haley – Experience? Obama showed no experience is necessary

Reuters ran a story with the now United States Ambassador to the United Nations and her comments. Among the other things they mention is this one:

“Haley, who was South Carolina’s Republican governor when Trump picked her for the post, has little foreign policy and no U.S. federal government experience.”

These guys are getting more and more ludicrous all the time. It used to be the Oligarchy Media Cabal could count on a short public memory when they ran with something like this, or that there weren’t enough people paying attention. It’s kind of a psy-war tactic.

Barry Obama in 2008 had only been Senator from 2005. He had no more experience in anything more than Nikki Haley does now, and Haley has been a governor.

It’s also funny how the Oligarch Media always plays up this “experience” theme as a qualification for political office. But when the Constitution was written in a secret conclave that only had a mandate to tweak the Articles of Confederation, the suspects said the idea was to have all kinds of people there. Most of them thought there would be no such thing as a career politician.

So, the Middle Americans as I call them, we see, thought the billionaire’s lack of political ambitions was an asset, and blocked the career politicians in the 2016 election.

There have been some questionable actions in my opinion, but also many good ones, and the rest of it remains to be seen. But the socialist he ran against in the general election would have been worse both for the socialist programs she would want to expand, and for the global government she would have continued to push for, the New World Order, the merging of the world’s arrogant elitist hegemony. This last issue, the attack by an international power cartel on national sovereignty while denying it, and their consolidation of power over the rest of us, was the one that most motivated the blowback against them.


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