NPR and PBS were government propaganda organs from the beginning. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting was created under Lyndon Johnson’s presidency. Here is the excuse (propaganda) from Wikipedia for the purpose:

“CPB’s mission is to ensure universal access to non-commercial, high-quality content and telecommunications services. It does so by distributing more than 70% of its funding to more than 1,400 locally owned public radio and television stations.”

But "universal access" is a false label. The "locally owned" means mostly your local "public" broadcasting concerns, which in turn means government money. Which means all these people are the ones who think government money (from your pockets and mine) is morally equivalent to commercial money. But who asks you for permission to tax you all they way up to May every year? Now when it comes to growing government or shrinking the oppression of government branches and agencies, which side is such an entity going to tend toward? LBJ did the same coopting thing to religions by adding them to the list of 501(c)3 organizations. So with that, pastors and other clergy cannot name names, and the muzzle tightens when free speech and religious freedom exercise is most important: political campaigns. 

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