Christians: Make peace, not war

Make PEACE not war!!

The U. S. had MUCH more cultural, ideological and even political influence when it refused to be the world’s policeman, back when the people fought AGAINST the expanding power of its own government instead of so many endless wars!

That’s when it sent out more Christian missionaries than the rest of the world combined.

In the aftermath of Japan’s surrender in World War Two, many Japanese were begging for Christian missionaries, to learn more about the people who had defeated their Shinto god-emperor. Christians lost a big chance to change the world with that.

This is why Brother Andrew, of impeccable, unimpeachable credentials as a “crusader” for good, for God, and for the salvation of lost souls, begged George W. Bush NOT to invade Iraq. He predicted exactly what has happened, that the entire Middle East would be radicalized to no end of trouble.

How did Christians overthrow the godless pagan rulers of Rome? They did NOT need swords, only to share the Gospel and give their lives for the love of Christ, following Mark 16:15 instead of John 18:36.


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