CNN and other Fake Media liars double down

Well, who to believe?

The lying liars of the Fake News Media like CNN, or the White House Spokesperson?

All of the Mockingbird Media Fake News cabal, all during the campaign, faked out photos of Hillary speeches as if they were big crowds, but they got busted by people recording them from a distance on their cell phones. One notable one was a high school gymnasium where there obviously could not have been more than 100 or 200 people.

Those Fake Media sources never showed the true overflowing crowds at Trump rallies. 20,000 and 30,000 sometimes.

All of a sudden they now find an importance in the crowds?

But they’re losing their audience, dwindling, fading.. They are desperate for relevancy.

The reaction of the CIA employees was interesting. Did they report on that? It was impossible to really gauge the truth of the “intelligence community” views on Trump, because the “intelligence agency” bosses, the political appointees, were pretending to speak for them.

That was the same political-level “CIA” that “reported” that there were WMD’s in Iraq but failed to warn Bush about the blow-back effect that we have seen ever since. CNN and NYT and WaPo cannot get away from their faithful reporting of whatever came out of the Bush administration mouth as if it were fact.

This was the same politicized CIA that “reported” that the Benghazi attack happened because of a video, a blatant lie that the Fake Media also put on the air and printed up and uploaded to their web pages.

This is the same politicized CIA that leaked out that they had shared a two-page list of lies and fantasy smears with Trump, after the election. Or more likely in my opinion they gave the CNN a heads-up so the Fake News Networks could run it as if it were a story, and let the tabloid take the hit for putting it all up.

And middle America yawned. And got angrier still at the Mad Media Networks.

Get real, give it up. The oppressors that own these kiss-up crony media mongers are ever more irrelevant.

We cannot believe them anymore. We now get our balanced news and perspective from sources like,,,, and others like them.

And of course as the future unfolds, it looks more and more like Daniel 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12, and Matthew 24, and Revelation.


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