Jesuits gave us Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot and Jesuit Pope warns against Hitler?

The JESUITS indoctrinated some of the worst tyrants and mass murderers of history. Hitler 12 million, so they say, but Stalin as much as 60 million. The lowest counts at 20 million for the Jesuit-educated Stalin. Half the population of Cambodia murdered by Jesuit-educated Pol Pot. Fidel Castro, Jesuit educated.

And this Jesuit Pope, of the order that gave us Stalin, Krushchev, Fidel Castro and Pol Pot, is going to preach at us about Hitler?

He is going to hide his own tyranny behind their false piety? He sits on more wealth than Trump could ever hope for. The Vatican controls more resources directly, and multiple times more indirectly through its faithful, but acquires luxuries instead of putting the wealth where their mouth is. Some of the orders do, and certainly many of the priests and faithful, but this hierarchy.

But where is the danger coming from in populism today? It is a danger to unelected dictator commissions who do not respond to the needs of their subjects. They work with the crony operators who do horse-trading. There is no free trade in these “globalization” agreements. There is only a merger of crony interests, making the plight of their victims even worse.

If they stopped making war on personal choices, the poor could find their way, have a chance.

Founded to end the Protestant schism, it has gone much farther than that. It has subverted the Catholic Church and turned it into another liberal Protestant denomination. Let us pray they continue to hold sacred the life of the infant growing inside the mother’s womb.


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