Who is it “about to destroy the country”, really now?

A story about threats directed at members of the Directors Guild of America:

Members of the Directors Guild of America who are working on TV coverage of the inauguration and related events tell TMZ they are being threatened by someone who has sent word out to everyone in the org … you do anything Trump-related and you’re in big trouble.

So it goes on, with a threat to blacklist anybody who works on the Inauguration activities: 

The email calls Trump “the monster we all fear.” It goes on, “It is not an overstatement that he is about to destroy this country if we don’t do something about it.”

Then comes the threat … “There is no need of naming names when the Inaugural credits will tell us enough about the people who truly care about this country and those who don’t share the same ideals.”

The effect that all the overblown hysteria from the Left Coast Industry will have is that will accelerate escape of their audience to healthier pastures.

But let us translate what the guy making the threat and his agitator colleagues elsewhere are doing, besides resurrecting the days when Hollywood supposedly shook in fear at anti-Communist hysteria:

Trump is so dangerous to the country and respect for the Constitution that we need to violate the Constitution and break the laws of all fifty states establishing their rules for selecting delegates to the Electoral College.

Trump is so dangerous that we have to libel him with fake oppo research and pee all over ourselves with the exposure.

Trump is so dangerous we must get the secret intelligence agency known for its psy-war and mind bending practices, and known for planting fake news stories that push the country into endless wars and blowback, to add its name to the fake news push, and run its credibility into the ground.

Trump is so dangerous, a threat to free elections, that we must organize violent protests, block bridges and block traffic and sabotage the commuter rail system in the nation’s capital to prevent the peaceful transition to the freely elected president.

Trump is so dangerous that we need to declare martial law so a military junta can install a “safe” dictatorship. –Or did I mean a CIA junta?

Trump is so dangerous he might even make peace with Russia!

Trump is so dangerous he might even make Syria safe for the best protector of Christians in the whole Arab middle east!

The biggest dangers to the Republic, to the economy, to the persons who are subject to present rulers, are the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, the rules imposed by previous rulers on who can replace them, civic forfeiture, the idea that the government can force us to buy something, or ban something from our choices, or that it can set up special groups of people who can force other people to do business with them.

And of course the groups who SAY they want to defend democracy by blocking transition of rule to the a newly democratically elected president, which even the liars of the CIA who have created a fairy tale to discredit him, are saying was the result of an election that was fair to the votes actually cast by the voters.


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