Michigan: Woman charged with rape of man at knife-point

Now a rare-eent story out of Michigan. Not man bites dog, but a woman who raped a man at knife-point:


I read through the five books of the laws of Moses and don’t remember any mention of this eventuality.

Aside from the kind of snark you would expect, some comments on the above story mentioned the laws of Moses. As usual, they showed an ignorance of those laws and the history back then.

According to those laws, a man that raped a woman had to marry her. But he had to marry her for life, and he had to support her and any children forever thereafter, no matter what, and no matter what she did. Other men could easily (by our standards even) divorce his wife, but this guy, before he took a girl by force, he knew he was making an irrevocable commitment. Sticks, stacks, no take backs. Ever.

Many years ago, there was another such story in the local daily here in Miami, Florida. The police took a report by a man who had been kidnapped while making his regular run on the same route he used every day.

He said three women jumped out of a vehicle, forcibly grabbed him and took him to a nearby apartment, where they tied him to a bed and took turns having sex with him. The police related to the reporter that he actually seemed quite upset and distraught over the incident. In another detail, he was a member of a local Jehovah’s Witness congregation.

Is it so strange though? We have the story of Joseph in Potiphar’s house in Egypt. One perspective I heard on Christian radio once was that Joseph’s master, Potiphar, was angry, but not with Joseph for raping his wife, but more likely he was angry with his wife, because he knew his Joseph and his wife and was angry at having to lose a good steward based on his wife’s lies.

These are certainly crazy times.


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