Biden at Davos: Russia bad for opposing U.S. hegemony at its borders

What’s happening here, like Buffalo Springfield once sang?

Look what’s going down. It’s America’s own shadow government forces blasting propaganda out, seeking out enemies, and they seem just about to use the totalitarian slogans Orwell made famous, against its own subjects: as if we have always been at war with Russia.

Europe’s caught in the middle. Europeans are starting to balk against the European Union. Subjects of NWO-ruled countries are starting to realize that the “free trade agreements” and free trade regions actually hid other Trojan horses therein. They expanded markets for the same billionaire oligarchies already dominating them, but also established regional political rulers deciding their fate. And not-so-much “free trade” got the little guys’ interests crimped in favor of bigger interests, like the fishermen banned out of fishing in Britain.


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