FBI releases proof: Hostile governments DID get secrets from Hillary Clinton emails

The new emails released by the FBI that PROVE that several foreign governments, both “enemies” and allies, got national secrets from them, they were released during the big playoff games so Mockingbird Media could ignore them.

Now the Inspector General office going after mostly Comey (one of HRC’s bad guys).

Are they going to ask why they did not set up a grand jury?

Why they destroyed evidence in the case (laptops)?

Why they granted immunity and agreed to only look at the information in some laptops and avoid more relevant files?

Will they ask what the legal difference is between “extreme carelessness” and “gross negligence”?

Will they ask where they can find “intention” as an alibi for crimes in any applicable statute or legal code?

Will they ask what orders came down from Lynch?

Will they look into the McCabe connection?

Will they look into Comey’s connections to the Clinton Foundation?


Is this a witch hunt driven by Clinton camp naming him for blame for throwing the election?

Post script: I’m still skeptical of ALL claims that come from government sources. They have regularly and all too frequently made emphatic pronouncements that proved to be bald-faced shameless lies. And those lies have also proven to be the ones that drove the country, the nation, the people, and our sons and daughters into the most horrendous and murderous results.


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