Davos still doesn’t get it

The head of the Davos group is saying they’ve got to deal with this “silent fear” of change that has infused populism with such popularity.

He’s a liar. He’s talking about the very loud and raucous blowback against THESE arrogant world oligarchs pushing their arrogant one-world oligarchy on us.

Their true agenda is that THOSE RICH OLIGARCHS are afraid of us who are pushing back at their oppressions and attacks on free markets.

The people would not object to a true regime of true free trade.

But what kind of free trade can you have between countries if you don’t even have it inside your own country?

The Obamacare architects knew full well they were not opening up a fair “insurance exchange”. For that Congress could have used the Commerce Clause to open up the entire country as a free market for ALL insurance companies of all sizes and repealed all the efficiency-killing and exhorbitantly expensive regulations. They can stop the FDA from choking new cures for diseases and end the expensive study requirements. Like people with terminal diseases (or bad ones) that want to try new experimental and unproven remedies.


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