U.S. Intelligence Got the Wrong Cyber Bear

U.S. Intelligence Got the Wrong Cyber Bear:


The “Russian hacking” story in the U.S. has gone too far. That it’s not based on any solid public evidence, and that reports of it are often so overblown as to miss the mark, is only a problem to those who worry about disinformation campaigns, propaganda and journalistic standards — a small segment of the general public. But the recent U.S. government report that purports to substantiate technical details of recent hacks by Russian intelligence is off the mark and has the potential to do real damage to far more people and organizations.

The joint report by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a catchy name for “Russian malicious cyber activity” — Grizzly Steppe — and creates infinite opportunities for false flag operations that the U.S. government all but promises to attribute to Russia.

What is lost in the discussion is the content of those leaked emails pulled (or pushed!) from the DNC and Podesta’s email account. I mean, who thinks there are any

To those of us paying attention, it looks more like leaks than hacks.

There are also the multiple coincidences. Shortly after the Democratic Party crowned its heir apparent with the nomination in 2016, one of the DNC staffers was shot dead in a mugging in which the muggers stole nothing. The police called it a “botched robbery”. What else were they going to do? Investigate the DNC?


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