CNN Disclaimers show guilt; coordination is obvious

Disclaimers, like CNN’s, about this libelous fake story, and pointing to the intelligence agencies,, are a sneaky way to inject poison into a discussion, and poison the audience.

SOME of the intelligence agency staffers and analysts, stealing the reputation and cloak of secrecy, lending themselves to these lies, deserve the firing they should get. And the shame.

And the big fat lie about the intelligence agencies being “unanimous” on the Russians stealing the election by propaganda, this shows (1) they think we’re all stupid, (2) they think they’re smart, because (3) NOT EVEN ONE of the “intelligence agencies” or “reports” are saying that.

Obviously CNN had MUCH WORSE dirt, even PUBLIC dirt, on Hillary Clinton and her gang, and they joined the Mockingbird Op blacklist against it.

CNN: Fake news. Backward news.
NYT: All the news that isn’t news. None of the news that is.
Washington Post: No fake too good to keep quiet. No truth is beyond blacklisting if it exposes Deep State, leftists, socialism, Planned Parenthood, NSA, anti-Trump lies, or crimes by leftists, or the CIA.



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