Coming famine? Is oil the Russian end game?

About an article on Lew Rockwell’s blog:

It provoked a thought, while reading this paragraph:

Thus, what the United States is playing at here is trying to install a different “regime” in Russia. That being, one that Vladimir Putin does not control or have any influence over. This is easier said than done and the United States knows this. But the stakes are quite a bit higher than controlling the dwindling oil supply in the Middle East. Russia is obviously in control of most of the world’s remaining oil reserves. The United States needs a puppet regime in Russia to have access to that oil without paying the correct market price for it.

At some point, this gambit will fail. Russia is not the Middle East. A war with Russia cannot be won or cease-fired out of. Nor can a United States-backed “regime change” succeed over there. This is not the 1990s Russia of Boris Yeltsin. The United States, however, cannot come clean with the truth to the American people. The reason is because if the American people knew the truth, they’d never sleep nights anymore. The truth is this: Our entire economic system is based on petroleum and low-cost petroleum at that. But the actual nightmare is that our entire agricultural system is based on cheap oil.

The U. S. intelligence services have long been accused of favoring American corporate business and some military adventurists in military sectors. I have no reason to doubt that, although they also have been used to make the world safe for some leftist dictatorship and “left wing” governments. (Note that swapping brands on products happens sometimes).

I note that even though the Obama-Clinton regime made profit difficult for a great many gigantic corporate concerns in the United States, thereby also protecting them from competitive small business upstarts, those same concerns are MULTI-national in scope.

A fellow missionary I worked with in the 1970s had joined after recently graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in something with such good evaluation that Kodak sought him out to hire him. The prospect had already met other Christians, and among other things, told them he was going to become a missionary instead, and that anyway, Kodak did not have a future because America was going to be destroyed in the judgments of God.

The Kodak recruiter’s answer: No problem! We’re multi-national!

I also note that many giant “American corporate businesses” are multi-national in scope and must have influence into the intelligence agencies.

They had a “president” and government in Bill Clinton, W. Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton that they could work with, who were enthusiastic participants in the plans.

They have been apparently trying to get a government set up in Russia that would be equally compliant. So they were pushing on Putin and his peers. Putin would capitulate or those peers would “capitulate him”, maybe. Some of them might just be covetous of the apparent power of the office.

Then Trump comes along and (always “apparently”, it looks like it to many of us), the American electoral college upsets their plans. Whatever the CIA may or may not have learned from interrogating Michigan’s then newly elected Governor Jesse Ventura was forgotten or didn’t work. (Or maybe that was just to intimidate him?)

So now it’s like Mockingbird Media during the presidential campaign. Throwing off the mask of neutrality, the wolves wriggle out of that sheepskin, the wolves have their fangs out. Chuck Schumer does the bidding of somebody, and goes on network TV to warn the Trumpster and anybody on the fence thinking about jumping into his band.

By yelling back at them through the Twitter bully pulpit, they’re cornered. If they kill him now, it will be too obvious who did it, even to the “useful idiots” of the public, many of whom will still cheer as if it’s a good thing, with carefully staged Soros plants leading the cheer. There was even one who called for a coup against Trump. And assassinations more than once (jokingly, haha, wink wink).

But in their calculations they have to figure that doing that now would unleash too much chaos. They probably don’t have enough faith in the effectiveness of Crips and Bloods and “maras” to put down a redneck rebellion. Too many factors they now see they could not control. The Internet being a big one. Now if they can tamp that down.. Nah.

Plus they probably cannot trust even some of “their own” foot soldiers, I would guess. They might go for broke anyway.

Even the Devil, when he “knoweth he hath but a short time”, it says, he will go wreaking death and destruction on whomever he can. But “he shall come to his end, and none shall help him”.

I’m trying to get set up in Honduras, the little country that could, and did defy the New World Order and Hillary Clinton’s commands to let Soros-Chavez surrogate Manuel Zelaya set up another leftist dictatorship there in 2009.

My wife is from there. Their “dry canal” project is already under construction, and the ZEDE’s might work out but they’re too slow getting them kick-started. But a nice piece of land might work for us.


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