Schumer warning Trump against contradicting the CIA

Schumer warning Trump against contradicting the CIA:

Myself, I’m skeptical that “the CIA” per se, is a monolithic entity pushing this fake news story about the Russians hacking those DNC and Podesta and the Guccifer 2.0 and the DC-leaks emails that showed the DNC blocking the Sanders campaign, Clinton and campaign staff uttering insults about Latinos and blacks and Sanders.

Maybe Schumer has the JFK killing in mind. Or the near-fatal attempt on Reagan by a member of a family that is tight with the family of the former head of the CIA, George H. W. Bush.

Maybe he’s thinking of the “accidental” evident murder of Michael Hastings. Maybe he’s thinking of Vince Foster. Maybe he’s thinking of the dead representative at the United Nations who was going to testify the next day in the FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton State Department email scandal.

Trump isn’t stupid. Maybe he has an inkling that the intelligence “community” is divided, that some of them really did want to walk back from the brink. After all, Trump refused to allow a “first strike” when first asked, saying that after that, “it’s all over”. Meaning, nobody wins World War Three.

Honestly, who are you going to believe? Assange says, “here it is, your rulers at work behind your backs in their own words”, or the government or the CIA, who have been proven to lie time after time, and when asked for evidence they say “Just trust us, national security”.

But then they tell us “just trust us, the Russians hacked it”, while the evidence says that THEY are hacking Americans.

I don’t know where this will go exactly, except that the ending events are recorded in the Bible, and the U. S. A. does not fare well in that telling. And the narrative is proving true in its earlier parts, with the return of the Jews “according to the flesh” to Israel, the Middle East wars, proxy revolutions and invasions in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and now apparently Turkey.


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