Baby in the womb, double-check lying Mockingbird Media

I am an anarcho-capitalist, rather, opposed to all forms of men’s kingdoms on Earth, especially if it is regime of men claiming to speak for God. Jesus’ rebuttal to Satan in Matthew 4 was the command to worship only God. Jesus did not dispute Satan’s present claims to all the kingdoms on Earth. That is what God told Samuel as well.

So stick your stereotypes in the trash.

Another thing, you say you’re Jewish. Some Christians may invoke scripture when defending the life of the baby in the womb, but if you research the reasoning, the Christian always refers to the BABY.

This is also the Orthodox view, according to many I have spoken to.

This is also the view of many atheists. Search key words “pro-life atheists” or “godless pro-lifers”. Killing a mother’s baby in the womb is a barbaric practice. Sure, it was common in all the pagan cultures that surrounded the Hebrews in Israel, as in all the condemnations of the practice of feeding their infants to “the fire”.

“Single issue voter”. Another swing and a miss.

War? Hillary promised to face off with Russia in Syria with her demand for no-fly zones. She is the butcher of Towargah, blood on her hands in Libya, cackling over it, and promised to let Iran know she “will bomb them”.

Iran is safer for Jews than in ISIS controlled territory, where American arms and American money finances them. Trump has criticized
intervention. Nobody really knows what Trump would do. I don’t, you don’t. Some ideas come into some focus with his staff picks. But one of them already pulled Trump back from the torture talk. Another has also criticized the decision to make war in the Middle East.

But that woman Jezebel was a known quantity. Her character away from the lights and cameras is not that easy to find.

I doubt you hear anything “from the pulpit” that isn’t second hand. And I can’t “force” my Christian beliefs on you, and it is telling that you would make such a hateful presumption simply because I express my beliefs.

Mockingbird Media will tell you lies, your government (all of them) lie all the time.


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