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Who is putting out fake news ?

December 18, 2016

A good reaction:

Electoral college was designed to keep the decision at the STATE level

December 18, 2016

On the Elector voting madness, the Faithless Electors demands try to wrap themselves around the Founding Fathers who debated the Constitution and its provisions for the method of electing the president.

They picked out a little quote from all the profuse writing produced by James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, and they picked out the very worst and most corrupt of all of the constitution debaters, Hamilton, for a label.

The little quote talks about rejecting the idea that foreign agencies could affect the process by harangues at the masses.

What they also leave out is that Hamilton’s first wish was to leave ALL the huddled masses out, and leave out the not so poor masses, and just have a king and be done with it. No voting at all.

Repeat that, it’s verifiable, any honest historian can verify it: Hamilton lobbied to make the government of the United States an absolute monarchy just like the England they had just kicked out of the country.

What’s more, the main reason the electoral college was set up was to give the states the power to elect the president. More to the point, was to give the state legislatures the power to decide how to select the electors that would deliberate and then vote on their choices for president as directed by the state legislatures. Now the electors cast their votes, but in almost every state, these electors are required to pledge their votes accordingly.

To drive the point home, they also intentionally wrote into the rules that the electors would meet in their own respective states to deliberate and vote.

So it enough electors decide to change their votes that the result is contrary to the rules established by the respective state legislatures, this would be unconstitutional, and if respect for the rule of law holds, those results would be overturned and the respective state legislatures would have to hurry up real fast and remedy the situation.

Probably won’t happen this year 2016. All the “experts” have been saying it would likely result not in a majority going for a candidate anyway and that it would go to Congress.

Not to mention that would provoke a massive reaction from “flyover country”, from the people that have been constantly ignored, belittled, rebuked and insulted for decades.

Corruption will continue until Jesus Christ returns and establishes the Millenium.

Science uses crowdfunding

December 18, 2016

See? Government money drying up for science, so they turn to crowdfunding.

The ones that are insisting on the funding say it’s not discretionary because the more “high-level” science yields benefits over the long term.

But their benefits are whatever science results. On occasion something is found.

Compare that to the massively important discoveries of the past that happened with just a single person experimenting. Isaac Newton with math, physics, light, gravity, wow.. He wouldn’t get funding to tell what time of day it is.

Michael Faraday lacked the academic credentials so many funds insist on, but put electricity and magnetism together and added a lot of math.

Neither Isaac Newton nor Michael Faraday would get a penny today because they were both small-age Creationists.

Finally, foreign influence in elections bothers Obama

December 17, 2016

CNN’S Brian Shelter says media should “be fair, but not be intimidated by Trump”. Kind of funny.

It’s doubtful that is a confession that they were not fair during the campaign season. Nor does it sound like his confession that they are being unfair to Trump now.


Obama hopes that “Trump will be similarly concerned that we don’t have foreign influence in our elections”.

Very funny. This is another tactic to try to keep the gullible nanny state defenders from getting disillusioned with them.

But  earlier, Obama did not mouth any concerns about the many foreign donations to the Clinton campaign. The hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudis and Saudi government. The millions from the German government. More than a dozen other government.

Or speaking of the Russians, the sweet deal Hillary Clinton arranged for the Russians to own a great percentage of uranium in  the mines on American soil…



CIA: Corrupt Information Agency

December 11, 2016

CIA lied to John F. Kennedy so bad he said he was going to break them into a thousand pieces.

Did they warn Bush that there was zero true evidence of WMD’s in Iraq. If so they were calling Bush a liar. Did Obama ever say Bush lied?

The CIA has a long history of overthrowing governments. What is their purpose now with saying this? When Trump said he thought it was rigged, both Obama and Clinton said this was terrible to undermine confidence in the democratic and peaceful transition of power. WHERE ARE OBAMA AND CLINTON NOW ON THAT “UNDERMINING CONFIDENCE” thing?

Clapper was NSA, but told Senator Wyden in answer to a direct question that the NSA was NOT collecting “any type of data” on millions, or 100s of millions of Americans. Snowden shared the proof with the public that the NSA was doing exactly that, intentionally.

Is this another operation to protect themselves from a president elected by the people?

Did this CIA warn Obama or even Secy. of State Clinton that they were arming and supporting al Qaeda in Libya?

Did the CIA ever come clean about MK-Ultra?

Personally, I can see why anybody in their right mind would want to avoid sending fighter jets to playy chicken in Syria with Russian fighter jets.

When did the fanatic “Left” in the States start trusting the CIA?

Russia fix disinformation (lies) why?

December 11, 2016

When they thought the fix was in for Hillary, they rebuked Trump for undermining confidence in democracy.

Now they want to “undermine confidence in democracy”. Maybe they have plans, but they are preparing something but this is a way to justify the Soros hordes they plan to unleash?

Consider that the Republican Party gains and Democrat Party losses down-ticket back up the  results at the presidential election level.


Give peace and free markets a chance

December 11, 2016

CIA, FYI, these are politicized agencies now. CIA is known for disinformation operations, lies with a political agenda. CIA is also known for coups to overthrow elected governments.

We also know that George Soros and his merry band of hired agents, including in the State Department, overthrew the elected government of Ukraine, and meddled in post-Soviet Georgia.

We know also there was a lot of direct coordination between the Clinton campaign and Mockingbird Media. Whistle-blowers have told us that the CIA has agents in all the Establishment news rooms and publishing houses, whence the “Mockingbird Media” description. A journalist in Germany has openly confessed in shame that he published stories paid for by the CIA.

We know the Intelligence reports of WMD’s
in Iraq that Bush 43 used to justify invading Iraq were lies.

We know that the CIA grilled Jesse Ventura on how he got himself elected governor.

Now with this new tale about Russia hacking the American election to get a nationalist elected, we’re supposed to believe this?

What in the world is wrong with making peace instead of war??

Wa-Po: Fascist supporting rag points finger

December 10, 2016

Washington Post has no credibility for publishing a tortured opinion by Michael Kingsley that Donald Trump is “actually a fascist”.

In the opinion, he uses the definition of “not in the sense of an all-purpose bad guy, but in the sense of somebody who sincerely believes that the toxic combination of strong government and strong corporations should run the nation and the world”.

Wow. This writer might not even realize that he just painted his own newspaper into that very corner.

The Washington Post was a great supporter of Hillary Clinton, who

…not only believes government should solve every problem,

…engineer the entire planetary climate with solutions looking for a problem,

…overthrow Libya’s president using al Qaeda to do it,

…send jets into dogfights with Russia in Syria,

…overthrow one of the best protectors of Christians and other religious minorities remaining in the Middle East,

…threaten tw bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,

…tells Wall Street thieving foxes they are the best candidates to guard the henhouse,

…married her own “Foundation” to corporations and strong foreign governments everywhere,

…now wants government to join with the biggest press, broadcast and Internet companies to censor “fake news”, even as they promote fake news themselves all the time…

So where have they been?!

We can all see that we already have fascist government with crony corporatism and a fascist arm of the government to boot. We can see them looking for enemies abroad and at home to promote hatred against, in the Pavlov operations of their program.

“Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”


Wapo and ESPN

December 10, 2016

The Washington Post says ESPN is fast losing cable subscribers because people are leaving cable TV, or cutting down on the bundles.

Is there maybe an elephant in the room with their bringing political thought control –which is always leftist nowadays– into their sports?

Elsewhere we read that other such channels are not losing subscribers by the 100s of 1000s.

Cable companies claim they offer what customers want. If it were so, they would offer individual channels and language carte.

Wapo: Dont look at me! Really?

December 10, 2016

So Washington Post, after decades of covering CIA operations that overthrew foreign governments, dutifully reporting a phantom Gulf of Tonkin incident that  didn’t happen, repeating lies that Iraq had WMD’s, telling us a video caused Bengazi, saying Assad used chemicals on his own people but blocking the story of evidence that the U. S. blacked rebels did it to get more aid…

And blacklisting the very dirty tricks of the Clinton camp and Obama gang…

Now they tell us thee Ruskies elected the president.

Even though the Trump effect gave a strong boost to download ticket Republicans.