Why is Obama proclaiming sanctions against Russia now?

Yeah but I think this thing has more to do with punishing the electorate and Americans in general than doing anything about Putin (except maybe later).

I think it’s to “soften the ground” for a possible impeachment proceeding –or something. It’s looking like a “soft coup” strategy, meaning a set up to somehow remove Trump further on if he “misbehaves” or something. Otherwise, he could have avoided mentioning the election altogether.

In my opinion, it’s got to be Trump he’s after. And they want to add to any fake charges they can muster. That’s why they’re pushing it so hard in the usual FAKE NEWS consortium of NYT, WaPo, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and the rest (even CBC I think, for Canadians).

(Sideways glances are conscious of John F Kennedy’s murder, and the almost-successful attempt against Ronald Reagan by a son of the Hinckley family, good friends with the George H. W. Bush family. (But move along, nothing to see here..)

Lindsey Graham and John McCain are all on board with doing anything against Russia, because apparently those two never saw a war they didn’t want to start. (Using our sons and now daughters, and now even Alice’s Restaurant strategies won’t work)…

Talk about suicide by cop, those guys are all in for suicide-bombing us all by nuke…

Do they even pretend to be Christian? And now McCain’s daughter is in a Fox News panel? Is Fox is trying to play both ends against the middle?


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