Anti-Christians and cognitive dissodance

1. The proper word is servant as in the KJB, not slave, as in the modern corrupt versions that were translated by modern dumb school graduates using Kittel-based lexicons. Kittel was Hitler’s “Christian” adviser. That’s why they replaced the word servant with slave and changed “seed” to “race”.

#2. In the laws of Moses, every 70 years ALL servants were to be set completely free and ALL debts forgiven. This is not chattel slavery.

#3. Paul did write that about women keeping silent in the church but also praised their importance in teaching young people. And Acts records and event where two girls are used by the Holy Spirit to deliver a rebuke to Paul himself against his plans to return to Jerusalem.

Deborah led an army against Israel’s oppressors. Rehab and Ruth were Gentiles whose righteousness earned them special mention in the Matthew and Luke genealogy. Proverbs 31 is a praise to good women.

Anti-Christians and militant atheists, and collectivists, on the other hand, stereotype women as a blob, handy for argument and without contexts of culture and individuality. They ignore very important consideration, for example, of the pagan cultures that were universal surrounding the ancient Hebrews that treated women as slaves, engaged in baby sacrifice to God’s like Molech and Ball.

They pretend that Greeks like Plato are superior, despite his pronouncements that women had a natural status below men but above slaves. They skip the Bible verses that mandate severe punishments for wife-beaters.

They pretend that the Bible makes very clear that the greatest two Commandments are to LOVE. They pretend the Bible does not say to love thy neighbor as thyself, and to treat others as you want to be treated.

They pretend that Christians acting like pagans and atheists is somehow a condemnation of Christians who act like Christ.

They pretend that the God of Dr. Livingston is the same as the gods of the religion that decapitated infidels for being infidels. They pretend that the “religions” of child sacrifice


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