Jesus, observant, yet defied the Orthodox Jews and chief rabbis of his day

Jesus Christ was observant, but for love, he broke the Sabbath, defied the Pharisees, drove the money changers out of the Temple, and told the rulers of the temple that the kingdom of God had been taken from them and “given to a nation bringing forth the fruit thereof”. He did not come to establish or bless any earthly kingdom of those who are “Jews according to the flesh”, because “the flesh profiteth nothing”.

He did not come with a better Zealot strategy. He came to overturn hearts, to spread the love of God. The nation established by the child-kiling butchers of Deir Yassin and the Stern Gang and their financiers, is not not not a nation founded by God. Even the state of Israel’s own cover story for Deir Yassin blames the victims, because these people did not want to leave their lifetime homes in deference to Stern Gang military tactics. Like the thug who gives you five minutes to vacate your own house before he blows it up. Like the once official (now unofficial) Israeli strategy of bulldozing the houses of Palestinian and Arab “terrorists”, who are doing nothing different than the Stern Gang did before.

Not even their own Pharisees regard that secular nation as legitimately Jewish. They have their privileges –resented by the non-Orthodox by the way– because the anti-christ Zionists know that those religious observations have been the core of Judaica through the ages. I’m not anti-Jewish or that ultimate of dirty slurs, “anti-Semitic”. Worse to be a socialist, among the worst mass murderers of all history. When today’s “Jews according to the flesh” become Christians, they are some of the most zealous and fervent witnesses for Jesus Christ you can find anywhere.


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