Electoral college was designed to keep the decision at the STATE level

On the Elector voting madness, the Faithless Electors demands try to wrap themselves around the Founding Fathers who debated the Constitution and its provisions for the method of electing the president.

They picked out a little quote from all the profuse writing produced by James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, and they picked out the very worst and most corrupt of all of the constitution debaters, Hamilton, for a label.

The little quote talks about rejecting the idea that foreign agencies could affect the process by harangues at the masses.

What they also leave out is that Hamilton’s first wish was to leave ALL the huddled masses out, and leave out the not so poor masses, and just have a king and be done with it. No voting at all.

Repeat that, it’s verifiable, any honest historian can verify it: Hamilton lobbied to make the government of the United States an absolute monarchy just like the England they had just kicked out of the country.

What’s more, the main reason the electoral college was set up was to give the states the power to elect the president. More to the point, was to give the state legislatures the power to decide how to select the electors that would deliberate and then vote on their choices for president as directed by the state legislatures. Now the electors cast their votes, but in almost every state, these electors are required to pledge their votes accordingly.

To drive the point home, they also intentionally wrote into the rules that the electors would meet in their own respective states to deliberate and vote.

So it enough electors decide to change their votes that the result is contrary to the rules established by the respective state legislatures, this would be unconstitutional, and if respect for the rule of law holds, those results would be overturned and the respective state legislatures would have to hurry up real fast and remedy the situation.

Probably won’t happen this year 2016. All the “experts” have been saying it would likely result not in a majority going for a candidate anyway and that it would go to Congress.

Not to mention that would provoke a massive reaction from “flyover country”, from the people that have been constantly ignored, belittled, rebuked and insulted for decades.

Corruption will continue until Jesus Christ returns and establishes the Millenium.


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