CIA: Corrupt Information Agency

CIA lied to John F. Kennedy so bad he said he was going to break them into a thousand pieces.

Did they warn Bush that there was zero true evidence of WMD’s in Iraq. If so they were calling Bush a liar. Did Obama ever say Bush lied?

The CIA has a long history of overthrowing governments. What is their purpose now with saying this? When Trump said he thought it was rigged, both Obama and Clinton said this was terrible to undermine confidence in the democratic and peaceful transition of power. WHERE ARE OBAMA AND CLINTON NOW ON THAT “UNDERMINING CONFIDENCE” thing?

Clapper was NSA, but told Senator Wyden in answer to a direct question that the NSA was NOT collecting “any type of data” on millions, or 100s of millions of Americans. Snowden shared the proof with the public that the NSA was doing exactly that, intentionally.

Is this another operation to protect themselves from a president elected by the people?

Did this CIA warn Obama or even Secy. of State Clinton that they were arming and supporting al Qaeda in Libya?

Did the CIA ever come clean about MK-Ultra?

Personally, I can see why anybody in their right mind would want to avoid sending fighter jets to playy chicken in Syria with Russian fighter jets.

When did the fanatic “Left” in the States start trusting the CIA?


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