Four fingers or five and language police

This is a reaction to Angelo Codevilla’s article,

Interesting reference to Orwell’s insider telling Winston to see five fingers when he was showing four. Demanding that one deny what is obvious and internalize obedience to masters so deeply.

Pavlov’s salivating dogs are well known. Less known are some other experiments he did with them.

In one of them, conditioned dogs to salivate at the started of a circle but get a shock when an ellipse appeared.

Then he began gradually changing the shape of the ellipse to progressively approximate the circle. The dogs became neurotic.
Perhaps that is the intention of Mockingbird Media in getting its mentally compliant subjects to totally go crazy with the acceleration of the destruction of meaningful language.

First, condition the government school robots that assimilated the programming to accept homosexual acts as a completely natural thing. Then, changing the language of marriage to divorce it from family and procreation. Then merging it to “gaydom”.

But when they have these me messages politically (in power terms) ascendant, now they tell us male and female are whims of fancy and Imagination. In reality of corse a person’s sex is immutable.

So they just wanted to drive these poor kids crazy. Out come the coloring books and crayons in safe spaces (fetal positions and thumb sucking optional). Outlets provided for violent rage against the “machine” as group therapy (BLM, anti-Trump marches and chants). Craziness


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