Joe McCarthy was right. The problem with trusting government too much is there are abuses, the kind of abuses that the “victors who write the history” attribute to Joe McCarthy. Like the abuse that Murrow perpetrated (with the rest of them) on Joe McCarthy.

Trump only had any power to the extent that people took him seriously over the already entrenched Media Cabal, the one that showed its fangs in this just past election, trying to stick HRC down our throats again. Media has a lower approval rating than Congress, and they don’t care. If they cared, they’d change those poll numbers too. I’d venture to say that 6 percent does not trust poll-takers.

I enjoyed the Huntley-Brinkley report myself, and I thought I was getting the news. Now it’s hard to know about it.

One thing is clear. NYT and those radio networks were just fine with ‘Uncle Stalin”. The most respected journalists of the day visited Russia and said nothing bad about the Bolsheviks. After World War Two we only heard about Hitler’s genocide and almost nothing about Stalin’s. And Dresden got lipstick on a pig. So did Hiroshima. Truman ordered the two atomic bombs and Japan still got the same conditions they were requesting for a surrender. (Except for the two cities).

We know that the America Press & Media cooperated with the Gulf of Tonkin story. What, are they going to question the official government version?

The embeds in Gulf War One (1990-1991) were not for transparency, as purported, but to make sure the military version of events got reported.

Now it is public knowledge that the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened. We also know that the WMD’s in Iraq were never found. George W Bush made a big joke out of it. He thought the joke’s on us. The joke was on him in 2016. He who laughs last laughs best. Give this one to Ann Coulter, recorded in 2015 saying that Trump would win the election, back when everybody laughed at him.

Gulf of Tonkin, Memphis syphilis experiments, CIA acid tests, Iran 1956, broken American Indian treaties, Jekyll Island, the Federal Reserve Act (passed Christmas Eve 1913), Battleship Maine, Operation Mockingbird. The White House “let it continue” reply to Canadian authorities who stopped a ship loaded with gold bars accompanied by Trotsky destination St. Petersburg. Trotsky had been a guest of the Kaiser mansion in New York.

All that is publicly known stuff. As to personal testimony, I’ve met three people who left the Illuminati when they had an encounter with Jesus Christ.

I played host to the former secretary general of a major political party of the Dominican Republic who told me her father told had known he knew JFK would get hit because he “disobeyed” (her words). They use different code names in different places, acting like a Hydra-head where whack-a-mole is a useless exercise (except to expose them). With her and her father, it was (Spanish for) “Captains and Kings”, or “Grey Guard”.

My son lived with one member in Los Angeles. (Just call him the “black sheep” of the family). He told me they do engage in the witching rites you may have heard about. Goat heads decorating the house.

One of those “defectors” I mentioned mentioned scars they get during initiations. They passed on that with my son. But I don’t know what he doesn’t tell me.

Now we have all the cable news networks, and almost every print daily in the entire country, plus almost every foreign major news agency in the world singing exactly the same tune, and telling us how to think and who to vote for in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Yeah, yeah, they (kind of) did the same thing with Goldwater. But Trump got endorsements from no news network. And ONLY TWO newspapers in major cities endorsements. ALL of this monolithic agit-prop was saying the same thing even on the same days, and so why would anybody think they might be acting in unison?

WHY are they all faithfully reporting Obama’s version of their call for censorship, blaming Trump’s election on “fake news”?

Is it so hard to dig up the Soros connection to the “color revolutions”? Green in Iran (fizzled), and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, a totally West-financed coup d’etat to install a NATO-friendly regime in Kiev and where did those snipers come from in Kiev shooting into the crowd? What about Nuland and the ambassador in Kiev talking about who they wanted for president? (And how strange, that guy became head of the country!)

And they call Trump a Hitler, but they have real bonafide genuine SELF-identified Nazi party members in place in the government. And these monsters call Steven Bannon a racist?

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me year after year after year, snap out of it.

It’s not like government conspiracies against its own people are a new thing. Ask Smedley Butler.

Ezekiel 8. Psalm 2. Matthew 4.

We the laughed-at are vindicated about the Chinese cash carried into the Clinton White House, Charlie Tree and company and DNC even then. We were right about the WMDs. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has more than proven the blowback perspective. The Clinton’s Whitewater, Travel-gate, File-gate, the parade of rape and harrassment victims, the suppressed NBC interview with Juanita Broaderick, Comey giving Clinton a get-out-of-jail free pass, Obama’s kill lists, NSA sweeping up ALL Americans’ phone calls and electronic communications, Patriot Act, the Waco massacre, Ruby Ridge, TARP, All those 5000 Wells Fargo identity thief employees who should have gone to jail along with all co-conspiring managers and executives, Federal Reserve robbing value from the dollar to create wealth for big American and big European banks, detention without warrants, endless wars…

Clinton giving credit to George Carroll at Georgetown University as a mentor. That’s the Carroll who wrote Tragedy and Hope, where he praised the conspiracy that “the Right” was so afraid of. He said it was not a “Communist” conspiracy per se like the Right though it was. Carroll was right about that, it seems, it was bigger than that.

And now we have them drumming up a false “fake news” cover for their plans to stop dissident voices and whistleblowers by censoring the “wild wild Web”. Just watch. They only started it off with Facebook, Twitter and Google already.

The Lord shall laugh at them. Then he shall address them in his sore displeasure.

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