Whose baby is it?

Whose body is it? DNA says the baby in the womb is not the mother. Using semantics references and dictionary definitions do not provide escape from the reality.

I make no claim over the mother’s body or property. The baby postpartum is just as helplessly dependent.

An illustration of the logical  problem of semantics. An expectant mother calls her baby as “baby”, the Planned Barrenhood saleswoman calls it “the mother’s body”.

As an anarcho-capitalist, I am totally against any neighborhood  abortion watch doing forced pregnancy tests to prevent abortions.

But the right of pro-lifers to share the facts that Planned Barrenhood and other beneficiaries of the prenatal infanticide industry hide, and to share their perspective to expecting mothers. Like how many parents are on the waiting lists to adapt.

And to promote works like Crisis Pregnancy Centers that help mothers through to birth and early motherhood.

It’s easier for Christians to see through the language manipulation, but there are a great many atheists too who are horrified by induced abortions, especially the brutal procedures of late-term prenatal infanticide.


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