Edward Murrow made the U.S. government safe for Communists

Edward Murrow is a journalism school icon, but he is credited by journalism schools (and official history I guess) for kick-starting the persecution against Joe McCarthy. As such he would have a major role in making most politicians afraid to get too loud in opposing Communism, or especially in denouncing Communist or socialist sympathies among lawmakers and lawbreakers.

Joe McCarthy was vindicated by the post-Soviet Union release of the Venona Papers, a Soviet Union Cold-War list of their agents inside and outside the United States State Department and other branches of government and cultural life.

McCarthy and the HUAC both were also vindicated with the convictions of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs. Alger Hiss was Roosevelt’s pick to create the United Nations in negotiations in San Francisco.

The “forces of darkness” and their human agents have been operating for a long time to deceive their victims.

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