Locke and Hobbes, Articles Confederacy and Constitution

Cam across a scrit about:

In politics, innovation isn’t always progress

The Declaration is definitely better than the Constitution.

But note that the U. S. Constitution has not worked to keep the government faithful to it. In the words of the 43rd president, “It’s just a g-d-m piece of paper!” The 37th, “If the president does it, that means it’s legal!”

No such document works any better than the people who are in charge of enforcing it upon themselves. Although it’s true also that the 13 states of the Confederacy were more free than under the government of the Constitution.

On the matter of self-ownership, it’s hard to see how “self-ownership” would be moot since so many people who claim to respect the non-aggression principle and an individual’s right to life, liberty and property nonetheless deny the right of the baby in the womb to those same inalienable rights.

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