New HRC target for blame: Women

The American Mirror blasted back at the new HRC scapegoat for her loss: women’s internalized misogyny:

I like one commenter’s answer, self-named “No One Important”, to that:

## Trump won “big” with educated white men. (Contrary to their theme of “uneducated” men.)
## Trump won 45% of educated females. (Again, contrary to the barking head consensus)
## Trump stomped her with white women.
## Trump stomped her with married women.
## 1 in 3 Latinos voted for Trump
## over 2 in 10 African Americans voted for Trump.
## Trump tied her with “union” households.

What part of this don’t you arrogant elitists not understand?

It wasn’t about race, gender, identity. . .it was about your candidate. It was about your policies.

Yeah, maybe they didn’t want THAT woman and her war machine, corrupt, arrogant, crony, political sacrifice of (her husband’s) rape victims, murderous (51 dead bodies), genocidal (Towargah and Libya and Syria and Iraq), violently angry, Jezebel Baal-worshiping witch to be the first female president of the United States.

I am against anybody who treasures individual and family freedom less than Ron Paul. That includes DJT of course.

But it’s rare you get the chance to (1) poke so clearly at the Arrogant Oligarch War Machine and their world government scaffolding, (2) vote against such an obvious champion of shooting missiles at Russian jets (in Syria), (3) vote against genocide in our time (Libya), (4) vote against the Imperial Control Machine centered in the national capital, and (5) possibly most importantly,

(5) vote against World War Three.

Now back to promoting freedom.



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