The libertarian principle, the N. A. P.

You say that “much of libertarianism”, not all, “is circular reasoning”.

The sum of what libertarianism is, per se, is the non-aggression principle. It is the principle of respecting every person’s right to life, liberty, and his property.

What is the “much circular reasoning” buried in that simple description of principle?? Keep in mind, that any quote from someone who identifies as “libertarian” may or may not be making a case about some peripheral issue, therefore, would no necessarily speak to the answer to the question.

So the question is, once more, what is there about any part of the non-aggression principle is “circular reasoning”, as expressed above?

One may refer to political and legal disputes and disagreements about who owns what, and even bring in wars (!?) to the argument. These are of course disputes that do arise between parties, and you apparently have worked with lawyers and legalese, and judicial disputes.

Such disputes have nothing to do with the question about “circular reasoning”, and fraudulent reasoning from examples of government-created so-called legal fictions (like “corporations” and “LLC”s) are examples of where the principle can be applied. The implications for individual cases can get confusing, sure. Walter Block has written profusely on exotic twists of circumstance and how to apply the NAP. I don’t agree with him on everything but the NAP is real simple, just as “Congress shall make no law…[csuch that etc…] is simple enough.


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