Open letter to NYT Segal, about ProtonMail and Google cheating

Dear Mr. Segal,

I liked your article about the Google rival ProtonMail, and I may start using it myself. Thank you.

I will take the occasion to note that Google has also blacklisted (in its ad-words policies) against companies and web sites, with OBVIOUS political prejudice, like, and other dissident voices. I am vociferously opposed to most of Pam Gellar’s views, but she is also a victim of Google’s de facto search monopoly.

Google also favors the New York Times over new media, according to a policy Google announced some years ago, when it said it would add points for”established experts” in some of its web products, like its news pages.

Please cover that too, and cover how NYT used its legacy position and the trust of its gullible readers to favor increasing government and the neo-conservative Democrat Party candidate that wanted American jets to cover a no-fly zone in Syria that would have to engage in aerial combat against Russian jets. (A decision the Joint Chiefs Chairman said would risk World War Three).

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