NYT soul-searching misses the point

So a NYT “journalist” writes an epitaph for their failure to continue Control Freak Government and crown the Queen of the Rich. But I only got to the first paragraph, talking about the Americans it “seldom covers”:


MAJOR FAIL. They have covered Flyover Country, over and over again. All those accusations against Trump were really disgusted with the unwashed masses they so despise and so much wish would depopulate. That’s why they love Margaret Sanger so much. They had to call Farmer Smith and his family, and the abused ranchers of the West, a basket of deplorables, racists, misogynists, nazis, xenophobes, homophobes, bitter clngers to religion and guns, afraid of change, that was where their Dear Leaders and their dear cheerleaders in Crony Media let the cat out of the bag, they let slip, that it is really traditional and cultural common-sense Americans and especially Christians that they really hate. And hate is what THEY (and you compliant media presstitutes) do.

The rioters, the ones who are paid, and the ones who are psyched by the paid agents provocateurs, into being the patsies for them, are probably mostly unwitting. Some of their leaders are willfully ignorant.

Willful ignorance (“dumb on purpose”) was on full display when one of you (media) said Bill Clinton’s rape and abuse victims were women who had former “relationships” with him and another said “affairs”. You pretended that you don’t know about the various “Clinton hit lists” out there,. You say somebody “edited” a video because it exposed Clinton Campaign money and coordination being paid out to cause violence at Trump rallies and shut down one of them completely (Chicago), out of the mouth of TWO thugs who bragged about the orders from the campaign.

The real story there was Veritas using the Clinton Mob corruption against itself. Ha!

But the top echelon of world-destroyers like the Soros-Rockefeller-Rothschild-Rhodes cabals, and the leaders of their secret societies that they use to corrupt some of the smarter ones with money and pride, these are pure evildoers plotting to rule with their own Supreme Lord, who “will come to his end, and none shall help him”.

Their problem is that either they left their brains when they got on the payroll, or they were handpicked for their conformist thinking.

How about re-thinking your idiotic praise for genital mutilation, bearded guys sharing bathrooms with little girls, demanding more job-killing theft from the ones who invest and hire?

Most of all, how about trying to STOP wars instead of cheering the Butcher of Libya who gave money, power and guns to the thugs that wiped out Towargah’s blacks?

Will my little voice matter? It will to a precious few, and even some of those evildoers. Because there is hope for evildoers.

“Come now, and let us reason together saith the Lord. Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18).

There is forgiveness and a new, clean life and your sins can be washed away, even if you have been initiated into the worst of the Orders and covens. Jesus will wipe away all your tears and give you a new heart.







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