Conspiracy? What conspiracy? Don’t you trust your governmentand its media?

Conspiracy theory? What conspiracy?

Battleship Maine.

Memphis Syphilis trials.

CIA experimentation with LSD.

Gulf of Tonkin.

CIA-engineered coup in Iran.

Organized violent attacks at Trump rallies organized by professionals paid by the Clinton campaign.

DNC tilt favoring Hillary Clinton.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Treaties with “First Americans” meant to be broken.

You’ll have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.

Jonathan Gruber:

“So I like the public option. The public option is actually the brainchild of another academic, a guy named Jacob Hacker who’s at Yale. And the public option, basically it was a clever idea. He said look, the left wants single-payer, the right wants competition–how about we have competition where the option is single-payer. It’s kind of a clever way to call both sides bluff. Basically, since it was such a good idea that’s why both sides didn’t like it. Okay, the right didn’t like it because they were afraid that the left was right and the single-payer would work.

The left didn’t like it because they were afraid that the single-payer didn’t have enough teeth to really work. And basically, the public option, to be honest, was never going to happen. The public option was really something that was in there. It was a good idea as a debating point but it just was too radical. Remember, the reason this reform passed, as barely as it did, is because it was not trying to rip up things and start over. It was trying to work incrementally off the existing system. The public option was viewed as too radical.”

Lies told to the Congress and to the world earlier:

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor

If you like your plan you can keep your plan

Pro-life Democrats were promised that abortion-inducing prescriptions would not be covered.

Chemical attacks in Syria blamed on Assad shown to a false flag by U. S. supported al Qaeda terrorists.




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