Zika hoax, Sununu, jobless, Assange says it’s NOT Russia, Rolling Stone guily, Pollsters donations, Soros’ hustle money against Arpaio, hydroponics,

Zika brain deformity hoax uncloaked:


Sununu: Was “I did not have sex with that woman” mean HRC?


94 million have stopped participating (even looking) in the job market:


Assange: It’s NOT Russia; and HRC gets money from the same governments that support ISIS:


Rolling Stone and sextavist reporter Erdely are liable for libel and for damages in the millions after a malicious disregard for facts in a “campus rape theme” story, says a jury:


“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. Pollsters dishing out presidential polls gave 96 percent, 100 percent, 75 percent, of their donations to Hillary Clinton:


Arpaio made his name with his law enforcement style, NOT with their on-the-ground support for federal immigration laws. Leftist demagogues complained about prisoners having to wear pink underwear, and having offenders sleeping sometimes in tents in the dry Arizona air. He took out cable TV at one time, until a judge ordered it be put back in. So he put it in and made the Disney Channel and cartoons available.


Catch and release is growing gang numbers again in some cities where they were almost gone:


Farming above the Arctic Circle with hydroponics:


(–Disclaimer: You just can’t trust AP stories about the presidential campaign0–)


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