Bizzaro week

Between the leaks from Weiner’s computer (I hope they’re using hazard gloves to handle it) and wikileaks’ drip drip, it’s wow.

NYPD leaking out a peek of what’s on it. The trips to Epstein’s getaway, perversions, Podesta’s email about rituals from the Church of Satan (with semen, human maternal milk, blood), pay for play, sounds like smoking gun with fire.

Looks like NYPD was ready to go with their own case against Clintons but DOJ made them stand down by threatening to arrest somebody for civil rights violations. So NYPD passed it to the FBI, and the FBI rank-and-file forced Comey’s hand to reopen it by threatening to leak it all out.

Meantime, somebody reported that some time back, Obama said appointing Comey was the worst mistake he ever made as president.

Scott Adams has an interesting take, and he’s always been convincing, and he’s been right often with surprising insights. But I think there’s some infighting among rival factions even inside some of the secret societies. And the FBI agents’ rebellion was/is real. That’s rather obvious, and the fruits are that so many who have close friends and ties (and retired agents) are telling us about it. Especially the retired agents.

Hillary’s intelligence agents by the way, are the ones who are joined at the hip with the dirty secret stuff that is treason. Giving support and arms to Al Qaeda in Libya, and….

An email that shows that Clinton Camp knew all along that the Obama administration (and herself) knew that the “rebels” they were helping in Syria against Assad were al Qaeda, through the Saudis and Bahrain and others.

Some of Trump’s policies would hurt the economy but on balance they might postpone the timing of the inevitable catastrophic crash.


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