Fox News Entertainment shows pro-W.D.C. control

What’s this? They have somebody at Fox News echoing the Official Central Government disinformation lies?

IT was a story about a supposed “white supremacist” tweet telling Hillary voters to avoid lines and vote by text message instead, and how the Twitter boss took it down after a tweet storm.

But then the writer had to throw in the Twitter boss’ banning of Milo Yiannopoulos’ twitter account because of a “racist hate campaign”. The writer stops short of explicitly blaming Milo but it is rather obvious to people who are not under the Newspeak spell of being driven about by every wind of Oligarch Doctrine that he was really banned for being a political dissident and denouncing official Control Freak Government, and that the Ghostbuster star’s quitting under the Twitter storm was, according to many reports, after she made the movie a feminist bat to beat over the heads of real-world thinkers.




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