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HOA fees vs. city taxes: Same thing?

October 22, 2016

To me, it is a clear cut *real-world* distinction between moving into a city and moving into an HOA gated (or not) community, from a real-world libertarian perspective.

First case: You buy property with conditions set by the previous line of ownership, you agree to the conditions. Second case: The fact that you can move to another legal jurisdiction (city, municipality, etc) is totally different. For example, you buy a property from previous owners, yes, and you know it is in Smithville, and Smithville has X-percent taxes. If it is the same situation as across the States and most of the world today, you make your agreement to purchase with the current ownership for so-and-so price.

The difference is that in the second case, you made no agreement whatsoever to the conditions imposed. The fact that you can choose to live in a lower-tax jurisdiction motivates many moves but does not legitimize the theft at all.

Add to that the fact that the city of Smithville, or its council, or its mayor, or its king, had arrogated itself the power to steal some sum from the residents or home owners in its turf.

Any such “government” can also change the rules whether you agree or not.

So on principle, it is indeed clear. What you agree to in an exchange is legitimate. A monopoly-group of force that decides what its duties are and how much to extort in its designated territory is NOT legitimate.

Moving into conquered territory for whatever reason does not make the victorious conquerors any more legitimate.


Government conflict of interest

October 22, 2016

“Conflict of interest?” Now it’s October, let’s examine conflicts of interest. Start with the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Continue with the email coverup. Continue with Whitewater deals, Travelgate, Filegate, “It’s just sex” harrassment gate…

Continue with a Crony Corporate Media fully compliant and fully owned by the Neocon-Dem Party merger (a meeting of like minds).

Continue on with government employee unions and recipients of government largesse. MASSIVE conflict of interest. They get to
add their votes to the ones who have to pay for those votes when their favorite candidate gets elected.

NOT ONE government employee should be able to vote. Only those with a vested interest in their own prosperity (workers, laborers, or investors) should be able to vote.

Nobody should have power of force over another. Self-defense unleashed is the best protection.

Last chance

October 22, 2016

Trump is the one hundred percent best and LAST CHANCE for Americans to avoid war in Syria, against the mad war machine wicked witch Mistress.

The elections have been rigged for a very long time.
The primaries were always rigged but Trump voters overwhelmed it. Sanders voters won him the primaries but did not overcome the rigging.

The polls are rigged too, they manipulate them to make the election season into entertainment, like a horse race to bet on.

The ruling political cartel and their secret societies are in panic. Trump’s voters might punch a hole through their farce of elections. Two million dead and ineligible people registered to vote, some counties with more registered voters than the eligible-age adult population. Four million people registered in more than one state.

And now comes the Democrat Party operative bragging about bringing busloads of students and whoever they can get to vote in multiple states and multiple precincts.

“In Chicago, they’re so patriotic even the dead people vote”. Not a joke anymore.

October 21, 2016

Maybe Babylon is as a symbol of “false worship” in seminary textbooks and in many old Christian writings, but the Bible itself, indeed The Revelation of Jesus Christ (as given to John) overrules. 

In Rev. 17 and 18 you can find the interpretation of who the Whore of Babylon actually is, “that great city”, and it says “wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness”. 

The Vatican is a sucking parasite and does not make anybody rich. This Babylon does. And in her is the blood of all that were slain upon the earth. 

That’s a good description of a “great city” that enriches kings all around the planet with its dollars and its foreign spending, and moves merchandise trade around the earth with the international medium of exchange (the dollar) and its multinational monsters. 

The woman sitteth upon the seven kings, “five are fallen”, as described in Daniel, that is, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece. “One is” would be Rome. “One is yet to come”, that would be the last superpower on Earth before the time of the Beast, as described in Rev. 17 because who else? The Roman Catholic Church is not so powerful, hah, somebody just engineered a coup d’etat to finally install the Jesuit socialist in power at the Vatican. 

The most fitting entity for Rev. 17 today is either Washington D. C. or New York, but most likely the latter because of so much talk of trade and merchandise. And it sits on the seventh mountain, the seventh world kingdom, and that would be the United States of America.  

The Jesuit is ‘preparing the flock” to be sheared and butchered by the Beast, so he could be the False Prophet of Rev. 13. 

Get ready, to be ready, to meet your maker, after the November elections and the inauguration it is going to be a wild, wild, ride. The enemies of the “everyday man” are now saying it is time for “the elites to rise up against the masses”. Maybe when Trump said “the gloves are off”, he was talking about those “elites”  themselves.

What Jill Stein said

October 16, 2016

From the link, by Ron Starmann:

Several weeks ago, Julian Assange stated that ‘Hillary Clinton is a demon who will put a noose around our necks if elected.’

Assange is quite correct. Hillary Clinton is a demon. She’s a walking, talking supporting character from the Amityville Horror’s red room of terror.

She’s a lying criminal who is simply incapable of expressing or feeling empathy for anyone. She would have found a home at a death factory like Auschwitz, where SS personnel exhibited similar sociopathic traits as Mrs. Clinton. She is a ranting, violent individual who has and will destroy anyone in her path without the slightest feeling of remorse.

This election is unprecedented on many levels, but mostly for the reason that a major political party has nominated someone who is the most corrupt candidate to ever run for President of the United States


Like the devil, Hillary Clinton is full of venom and hate; hate for half of the nation she refers to as irredeemable and deplorable, hate for Catholics, Evangelicals, Southerners, Latinos and ‘everyday Americans,’ aka the middle class.

Hillary Clinton has nothing to run on except a 30 year career of incompetence and scandal. Therefore, the focus must shift to Trump’s character.

In what can only be described as a coup d’etat, the mainstream media is running a giant disinformation campaign designed to take down Trump and ensure the globalists can continue their rape of America.

Trump is being painted as a sexual predator, when the real predators are the Clintons.

If Hillary’s past crimes weren’t enough, she is the puppet of the globalists, who with her firmly ensconced in the Oval Office, will break this great Republic into a thousand pieces.


Her maniacally reckless temperament combined with her general incompetence would possibly ignite a nuclear war with our old Cold War adversary. Today, Jill Stein called Hillary dangerous and said she could start a war with Russia.

Of course, Hillary would start a war with Russia. That’s what the globalists want.

Hillary Clinton is the dark side’s agent of destruction who will bring a plague upon the City on the Hill if elected.

Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party, and explicitly a “socialist”, says if Trump is elected, she will sleep okay at night. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will not sleep okay at night.

Regressive: government-media-corporate globalist fascist cartel not omnipotent

October 15, 2016

Call them what they are: regressives. They want to go back to the days when Stalin called the shots (and had his kill lists) and the Duma said Yes, sir we’ll pass that.

God said to the wicked in the days of old that he would turn their own weapons against them. So now God is using the back doors they have built into the operating systems (Windows especially, apparently Linux not so much), and the software and the web sites and the Internet in general, against them with these leaks.

The guy that served the order on the DNC in the Sanders fans’ lawsuit, and the DNC insider who may have been the DNC whistleblower, have been killed.

I wonder myself after Barry Seals’ ordeal, what their hit men are thinking about their own future.


Honduras and its new Development and Employment Zones

October 9, 2016

The ZEDE (Zonas Economica de Desarrollo y Empleo) is a sovereign Honduran initiative passed by the lawful and constitutional representatives of the Honduran people, no matter what kind of lying sniveling slander the multi-national corporations and crony governments and fascists want to say otherwise.

And in every charter under ZEDE is by law the explicit provision that they are subject to Honduran law. And it is a miracle that the legislators voted for it because it has built-in provisions in the administrative mandates against interference by those very politicians.

In my opinion, their close call with the United States sponsored socialist overthrow of the formal constitutional republican government by the Chavez-sponsored Manuel Zelaya must have scared them into trying something new.

They studied what worked in other countries that pulled out of abject poverty to become among the most advanced economies in the world: Hong Kong, Singapore, the Chinese mainland “special economic zones”, Chile, and others.

What irks the Left and the political class both in Honduras and in the United States is that they are afraid it will result in a mass movement of Honduras out of poverty. That scares the socialist power mad demagogues, including the globalists who are out to consolidate their world wide dictatorship. They need the people to stay poor so they can lie and promise to make things better.

The ZEDE plan is based in Honduran legislation and conformed to its constitution. This is a Honduran initiative despite everything the U. S. and international bankers might want to say otherwise, because the international fascists and cronies prefer to keep the people poor south of the border.

Chile survived Allende’s Marxist destruction of its economy, then it survived the Pinochet dictatorship, and then it bounced back by pulling back interference with the free market.

Now it just needs a lot of free-market education. A spillover from the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala might help.

California law says it is a crime to record somebody without their OK

October 9, 2016

I checked and the search says it is a criminal offense in California to secretly record a two-party conversation unless BOTH parties give explicit consent:

So why is nobody going after this infraction of the law?

Why isn’t Billy Bob getting interrogated, and why isn’t California issuing a subpoena for the recording as evidence?

We all know why.

The law is for little guys, if they bother themselves to bother about it. Or if they can make career points in a Crony World by going after Christians and advocates of freedom.

Mind controlled crowds yelling at “Goldstein” in Orwellia-land: “Hate!”

Rep Party Bosses and Bigshots call on Trump to resign; Who Cares?!

October 9, 2016

A bunch of Republican party mafia bosses and power brokers are calling for Trump to resign. Blomberg pretends that we care:

They don’t have a reader commentary section. Bloomberg doesn’t like getting called on their spin stuff.

Crony Media given. I don’t think anybody who takes a minute to think about it can believe that 52 percent of the population gave Obama a favorable rating.

Not for nothing they don’t cover big news like the cancelled Hillary Clinton appearance in Hollywood, California the other day, where the Blacks For Trump protestors outnumbered the people that came to see Hillary.


DHS preparing to hack the vote, Russians only a cover?

October 9, 2016

In the upcoming second debate, Hildabeast will point to the claim by her friends in the F.B.I. that the Russians are trying to hack the vote this November and Jeh Johnson’s power grab in telling states to get help from the governing  ruling class to “protect” the vote.

This is an obvious attempt to set us up for their plans of last resort to nullify a Trump victory. Maybe they’ll “find” fraudulent counts that they themselves hacked into the country.

This from the same crowd that does not like requiring identification to vote.

Worst case is a quick Supreme Court ruling that the vote in swing states is null and void. This would extend the Obama runaway presidency, a bonus to them. That would enrage Trump supporters. Next who knows? Maybe states seceding finally, calling out their state national guard to defend the state. Obama requesting the U. N. to send help.

Meantime, Assad eliminates ISIS  with  Russian help. And Bible prophecies begin to  coalesce.

More likely is that they would simply hack the vote for Hildabeast. I think Trumpers would protest vigorously, but how that ends is hard to control. They like to rig the results, they’re not used to unpredictability.

But the ruling class also have their gullible followers and mercenary trolls and paid demonstrators, jerked around by planted agents provocateurs.