HRC vs Trump – War

Disclaimer: My candidate is not on the ballot. His name is Ron Paul.

The establishment prevented the supporters of that gentle soul from fair treatment in 2008 and 2012, and now they are paying for it. Ron Paul was always a “gentleman” with the oppressors, and everyone else. So now comes their nightmare, a guy who finances his own primary candidacy and will now win a landslide election, IF it is a fair count. His votes just may overwhelm the fraud.

If they do announce a win for him, there is one opinion out there that violent riots will break out, arranged, pushed, and financed by operatives just like the ones that were caught recorded on video claiming responsibility for it and explaining how they did it! (That should have been an FEC investigation).

Reality check:

The biggest election issues for me are about war and the prenatal infanticide holocaust…


#1 – Hillary Clinton’s push for war in Libya and overthrowing the Arab government most respectful of women and minorities. She is a warmonger.

#2 – The genocide massacre of the entire town of Towargah in Libya. Hillary is the butcher of Towargah.

#3 – She said if the president gives the order to push that nuclear button, the military must obey, and it takes four minutes to launch. Twenty minutes she said in another talk for delivery. She’s giving intelligence to Russia, some said.

#4 – She said if she is president, she will attack Iran. No wonder the neocons love her as president.

#5 – She told Congress -with the cameras rolling for a national audience —and for the world


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