“Deplorables” support Indians as much as the Western ranchers

The jury decided “not guilty” in the case of the ranchers who did no more than Martin Luther King in their sit-in at a so-called “federal property” in Oregon.

So now comes the Fascist Press, Yahoo and AP, is trying to whip up resentment among American Indians and the gullible section of their readers, against those defenders against the imperial attack on property rights in the West. They are trying to push ranchers off the lands they still have left.

The Crony Media liars covered up the sympathy that the Indians got from people like my relatives from the Ozarks foothills, “hillbillies” and “rednecks”. I remember specific comments on the subject from when I was a child, like what a raw deal they got.

Just like now, in their campaign of lies, trying to paint Trump as racist. Doesn’t work now, people don’t believe the government anymore, and they don’t believe the Government-Subservient Press.

Memo to Liars Media: YOU’RE FIRED!

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