Lies and Wars

Somebody mentioned a broom.

Secret Service informal name for any aircraft Hillary rides in: “Broom One”.

The decider in this election for this guy is war.

It’s time to end the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama war machine. They have lied to get us into every one of them, sending our sons into the firing line, for no good purpose at all except to stir up hornets’ nests.

Taliban retaking Afghanistan,

Iraq’s majority Shia attaching themselves to Iran for a new Persian Empire,

Iraqi Sunnis forming ISIS in Iraq and Syria,

Libya’s chief, who had renounced terrorism and had given up Al Qaeda terrorists to the West and invited NATO to take out its entire nuclear infrastructure, who was sodomized and killed (did you see the video clip of her witches’ cackle over that one?) and now carved into three regions -one of them ruled by ISIS;

Africans pouring through Libya now into Europe,

Yemen worse off than ever.

They won’t end the Fed even after their collusion with the worst possible monetary policies possible, but at least one candidate is willing to talk about them, and talk about making PEACE NOT WAR.

And pulling back from the treaties that are setting up a world government infrastructure.

Maybe Icelanders have it right, with their Pirate Party.

God is in control, anyway…


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