The Perfect President


I listen to the righteous and the holier-than-thou talk about ‘what a President should be’, while their own lives are a freakin’ MESS! And this crosses liberal and conservative stations. It is Geraldo for goodness sakes, and O’Reilly, and a host of mega corrupt Hollywooders who seem to have no apparent insight into their own lives. And given that the host of emails dumping on us of Hillygate, it would appear that she is the shill, and – The Hollywood, is the master puppeteer.

Hillary appears to be a mindless alien who does exactly what she is told, with an occasional deviation, most of which are Holy-Moses mistakes that leave her staff screaming in agony. At least that’s what Wikileaks would seem to divulge in their massive email leak. She would seem to be the pawn who has periodic infantile tantrums because she suddenly realizes that she is not in…

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