Last chance

Trump is the one hundred percent best and LAST CHANCE for Americans to avoid war in Syria, against the mad war machine wicked witch Mistress.

The elections have been rigged for a very long time.
The primaries were always rigged but Trump voters overwhelmed it. Sanders voters won him the primaries but did not overcome the rigging.

The polls are rigged too, they manipulate them to make the election season into entertainment, like a horse race to bet on.

The ruling political cartel and their secret societies are in panic. Trump’s voters might punch a hole through their farce of elections. Two million dead and ineligible people registered to vote, some counties with more registered voters than the eligible-age adult population. Four million people registered in more than one state.

And now comes the Democrat Party operative bragging about bringing busloads of students and whoever they can get to vote in multiple states and multiple precincts.

“In Chicago, they’re so patriotic even the dead people vote”. Not a joke anymore.


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