Government conflict of interest

“Conflict of interest?” Now it’s October, let’s examine conflicts of interest. Start with the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Continue with the email coverup. Continue with Whitewater deals, Travelgate, Filegate, “It’s just sex” harrassment gate…

Continue with a Crony Corporate Media fully compliant and fully owned by the Neocon-Dem Party merger (a meeting of like minds).

Continue on with government employee unions and recipients of government largesse. MASSIVE conflict of interest. They get to
add their votes to the ones who have to pay for those votes when their favorite candidate gets elected.

NOT ONE government employee should be able to vote. Only those with a vested interest in their own prosperity (workers, laborers, or investors) should be able to vote.

Nobody should have power of force over another. Self-defense unleashed is the best protection.

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