Honduras and its new Development and Employment Zones

The ZEDE (Zonas Economica de Desarrollo y Empleo) is a sovereign Honduran initiative passed by the lawful and constitutional representatives of the Honduran people, no matter what kind of lying sniveling slander the multi-national corporations and crony governments and fascists want to say otherwise.

And in every charter under ZEDE is by law the explicit provision that they are subject to Honduran law. And it is a miracle that the legislators voted for it because it has built-in provisions in the administrative mandates against interference by those very politicians.

In my opinion, their close call with the United States sponsored socialist overthrow of the formal constitutional republican government by the Chavez-sponsored Manuel Zelaya must have scared them into trying something new.

They studied what worked in other countries that pulled out of abject poverty to become among the most advanced economies in the world: Hong Kong, Singapore, the Chinese mainland “special economic zones”, Chile, and others.

What irks the Left and the political class both in Honduras and in the United States is that they are afraid it will result in a mass movement of Honduras out of poverty. That scares the socialist power mad demagogues, including the globalists who are out to consolidate their world wide dictatorship. They need the people to stay poor so they can lie and promise to make things better.

The ZEDE plan is based in Honduran legislation and conformed to its constitution. This is a Honduran initiative despite everything the U. S. and international bankers might want to say otherwise, because the international fascists and cronies prefer to keep the people poor south of the border.

Chile survived Allende’s Marxist destruction of its economy, then it survived the Pinochet dictatorship, and then it bounced back by pulling back interference with the free market.

Now it just needs a lot of free-market education. A spillover from the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala might help.


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