Muslims and Christians: God is Love

Most Muslims want to live in peace, and the biggest number of victims of political Islamist violence are other Muslims, as in the Shia-Sunni conflicts and Western-instigated wars in the Middle East right now. Even the worst, in ISIS have a “Made in America” stamp.

Islam also was born in a context of Judaism and Christianity, and surely God favored them over the idolatrous and depraved pagan Arab religions of the time. Christendom had lost the fervor of the Great Commission, and Byzantine monks lamented the rampant idolatry in the Christian temples, in both sides of the old Empire.

The biggest difference is one that divides many Christian doctrines. Jesus represents the love of God, and is a God of love; God IS love. The “Son of Hamas” has said this is the difference that won him to Christ. God sacrificed his Son to save us from sin. Islam, and many Christian denominations, regard works as the only way to reconcile to God. The Bible says God did the reconciliation in the sacrifice of the Son of God for our us.

Compare the beginnings of Christianity vs. Islam. Christ laid down his life for sinners, unbelievers, and blasphemers to share the love of God. Mohammed laid down the lives of sinners, unbelievers, and blasphemers for his faith.

Early Christianity spread throughout the lands of the old Roman Empire in the laying down of their lives for the love of Christ. Islam spread through the lands of the Byzantines and North Africa by laying down the lives of Christians and other natives at the point of the sword of war, for the sacrifice of human works.

Some violent political Islamists condemn the Crusades for attacking Islam. In the West even many Christians forget that the purpose of the Crusades was to regain territory that Islamic warriors had conquered by force themselves.

BUT always remember. We are not our ancestors. By their fruits ye shall know them, and for that history can teach us.

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